Anagram 3: Adrift










Starting from the get-go with deep chords and and a detailed ambience that moves and sways as it goes, Adrift by Silent Strangers is an example of different styles within the realm of electronic music. It ranges from the wonderfully relaxed and ambient to displays of abrasive noise, old school IDM, interestingly crafted rhythms that change over time and even hints of an advanced form of dubstep. At points the album somehow sounds almost tropical, before again sweeping you away in sharp noise and beat fuelled energy.

released 01 September 2013

Production & Design: Christopher Lombardo
Mastering: Ben “Benwaa” Walthew

  • Abstract, IDM, Experimental
  • MP3
  • SectionTwentySeven Netlabel, IDMforums Netlabel
  • 2013
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